[Startup to Watch] Learnemy

Learnemy is the brain child of Elisha Tan. Elisha was supposed to go NOC Shanghai with us but because there were some complication with her graduation extension, her school could not allow her to come onboard with us to Shanghai. She got herself admitted into the Founder’s Institute while we were at Shanghai and she founded Learnemy as well, which subsequently got funded by Spring. I always think that it is a blessing in disguise that she did not come to Shanghai with us.

Idea: A platform for connecting people who want to learn something with others who can teach

Revenue Model: Unfortunately Im not quite sure what is the revenue model for Learnemy for now, because there aren’t any payment system on the website, which would then allow transaction (payment between instructor and student), and where Learnemy could get a cut. There are also no ads on the website, so I guess no revenue through advertising for now.


  • Learnemy is a site connecting instructors and people who want to learn. When I asked Elisha how she plan to market Learnemy to the correct people since there are a wide variety of skills that people might be interested to learn (think calligraphy or horse riding), and where would she find the correct instructors to provide this kinda skills, she mentioned that she could advertise through Google Ads. For now, Learnemy only provides swimming and guitar lessons, a more commonly sought after skills.
  • In my opinion, I feel that it would be very challenging to market Learnemy because there are a lot of competitors out there. I happen to have a friend who runs a guitar learning agency who is doing really really good in Singapore. Guitar instructors can also sign up with the agency which has a sizable amount of user traffic to the site thanks to SEO.
  • Other than that, a simple google could also provide me with a list of swimming lesson agency that is more established, and which has the option to introduce the proper instructors to the students based on the budget.
  • Learnemy must have a competitive advantage and differentiating factor. To do this, Learnemy can provide other kind of skills which are not commonly offered online, and which are highly sought after, for example, coding, how leverage on social media to market your product,photoshop or even photography. I would love to learn all of these for a small fee. Usually these kinda skills are offered in courses by professionals and cost a bomb. I think Learnemy can find people who are good in all these and engage them to be an instructor. I’m sure there are a lot of students in the university who are good at say photoshop who would not mind earning a few buck for giving a lesson. These are the skills that has high demand and that are offered as professional courses. Learnemy should change that.
  • Learnemy could introduce a referral system for now to encourage users or even the site visitors to refer friends to Learnemy (whether as a student or an instructor), because without users, it is quite hard for Learnemy to build up its credibility.


Free image of StarFree image of StarFree image of Star

It would be really good if Learnemy could provide more than just swimming and guitar lessons, and be a one stop skills learning platform for everyone. =) Lets see how it goes.

O yea, if you are a tech person, Elisha is looking for a tech cofounder. Its nothing new since I’ve mentioned it on my post on e27 as well as a few of my previous posts on talent pool problem.

P/S Personally I don’t know Elisha (ok might have said hi to her on Barcamp) so I am not advertising for her heh.


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