Cofoundify, Founders’ Pitch & StartupRoots

Its not a new thing to know that there is a serious problem in the talent pool of Singapore when one is looking for a tech cofounder. Every tech startup needs a tech cofounder. As more and more startups are geared towards the tech industry and building their business model around online platforms, there is a pressing need for Singapore to address this problem.

Luckily enough, there are a few startups and initiatives that aim to solve this problem:

1. Cofoundify

As the landing page suggest, Cofoundify is a members-only community to finding ideal co-founder. Members can sign up for free and receive a curated email of cofounders tips, advice and events around them. The idea is simple, sign up, tell them what you need and do a simple introduction of yourself and your startup, and wait for Cofoundify to reach out to you. What arouse my interest is that whether the system uses any algorithm to find out which founder is suitable with another founder within the community. It would be a huge pain in the ass if the matching is done manually (imagine the site growing to a community of 5000 members).

Currently the site has 494 member (as of today). Cofoundify is an initiative by Jeffrey Paine, the man behind Asia’s Founder Institute to encourage entrepreneurship and also to help aspiring entrepreneurs find their “right partner”. Note that Cofoundify does not limit the search towards tech cofounders only, but allows a 2 way search – tech founders can also look for a business cofounder. With a strong founder backing up the initiative, Cofoundify would have no problem reaching out to the entrepreneur community.

2. Founders’ Pitch

Founders’ Pitch is a random site I came across through Twitter. Founded by Victor, it is a blog that interviews startup founders who are actively looking for a  tech co founder. The blog was recently launched and personally I think it is a good idea to introduce startups that are looking for cofounders. It helps founders to advertise themselves on the blog and to reach out to the techies. Their first interview was with Elisha of Learnemy, where she is actively looking for a tech cofounder for quite a while now. One thing about Founders’ Pitch is that, while it is a good initiative to help Founders reach out to the tech community, it is hard for the blog to gather traction due to the lack of publicity and also due to the lack of Founders with interesting ideas and at the same time have difficulties trying to get a cofounder. It would also be a challenge for Founders’ Pitch to reach out to these founders. Founders would also utilize on their social media tool (Facebook, Twitter etc) or personal blogs to advertise for cofounders, like what Elisha did.

3. StartupRoots

StartupRoots a Fellowship program that places the country’s most elite students in innovative startups. Their goal is to provide intelligent and aspirational students with a summer internship program that introduces the fellows to the San Francisco / Silicon Valley startup scene. Fellows will be placed in a high-potential startup as an intern in either business or engineering. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to attend a weekly speaker series featuring elite techpreneurs and venture capitalists. In my opinion, StartupRoots is an evolved version of the iLead program which is offered by the NUS. The iLead program also place entrepreneurial students in local startups and expose them to the Silicon Valley startup culture by having a visit to the entrepreneurial hub itself for a 2 weeks immersion program at the end of the iLead program. StartupRoots evolved it into a more elite and exclusive program where only the best of the best is accepted into the program, and the program brings in quality speakers to interact with them. Personally I think this is an awesome initiative and it can produce good quality entrepreneurs. Would love to be part of the fellowship, but sadly I am not an engineer, which lowers my chances of being enrolled (of the 60 applicants, 6 were chosen for the inaugural batch, out of which 5 were tech guys, and one of them is a business lady). If you need a tech cofounder, you can approach the fellows who graduated from the program. The program produces the cream of the crop.


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