Wicked Wednesday

To encourage N-House alumni or NOC alumni to come back and to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship blazing, we have something called the Wicked Wednesday going on at the Venture Lab of N-house every Wednesday night. We want to have this tradition so that so long as N-House still stand, alumnis can count on it that there will be something going on at N-House every wednesday and that they can drop by anytime they want.

Today we had out second Wicked Wednesday, a pitching and sharing session by some of us at N-House who are currently working on some projects. Those who came to share was Charmaine who is working on a glove that allows you to touchscreen, Ishan & friends who is working on an app to eliminate corruption through crowd sourced data, Yiseng and Yugene who is working on a groupon aggregator (launching next week!). I was supposed to present but the 3 presenters took too much time and we did not have a proper moderation, so ill join some of the rest in the next pitching session. =)

The pitching and sharing session was a very enriching one. The 3 speakers shared about their product and the crowd was very engaging as well. Multiple questions were bombarded towards the speakers in a friendly and curious way, reflecting the genuine curiosity and excitement towards the startups. =)

Few key takeaways:

  • SMS-es are an effective way to reach out to users who have no smartphones and should not be forgotten even if smartphones are everywhere
  • Patents are expensive but critical to ensure company’s credibility and helps a lot in marketing.
  • Value creation first, before revenue generating. In simpler terms, Money will come if u create value.

Anything to say to me?

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