NOC House

As mentioned in my first post, I moved into N-House which is located at Prince George Park Residence of NUS. Before this when I came back to NUS from China, I shifted into my hall of residence – Kent Ridge Hall (KR). Many asked me why I moved out from the lively KR and shifted into PGP where it is kinda dead there. I told them, its for the community.

Background of N-House:

  • N-House is a residential block housing returning alumni who went to the NUS Overseas College (NOC) program and also those who are currently undergoing the local iLead internship program with Singapore startups.
  • The whole idea is to get like minded people and gather them together to facilitate networking and exchange of ideas, in the hope of generating new partnerships and the founding of new startups.
  • The N-House also provides the platform to the local students on the local startup internship program to experience how is it like staying away from home and mingling around with like minded peers after working hour.

NOC spent quite a huge amount of money to renovate the lounge and called it the Venture Lab as well as a meeting room, naming it the Launch Pad. Every level also enjoy wifi services, unlike other blocks who can only access the internet using the Local Area Network.

The concept is modeled upon E-Tower in Babson College.
It says:

E-Tower is located on the 2nd floor of the C-Tower in Van Winkle Hall at Babson College, the highest ranked and most prestigious institution for entrepreneurship in the world.
Adopted from ETower Official Site:

And N-House aims to be the E-Tower of Singapore, where everyone strive to be part of it. =) Hopefully the community here could strive towards that common goal.
So far what we have is :

1. Get together session

2. Meeting Entrepreneurs from Biovalley

3. Homecoming

And we are gonna have pitching session this coming wed where some of us will share with each other on the projects that we are currently working on! =)


Update: Also wrote another article on Why you should stay in Nhouse


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