Fundings in Singapore

The other day when I dropped by the Garag3 I had the chance to join in a conversation with one of the manager of NUS Enterprise. He was encouraging an acquaintance of mine to apply for funding through the Enterprise. Yes, for those who do not know, NUS Enterprise administer fundings to startups to help them build up their startup in the initial stage. Funds such as the Spring Yes Fund as well as the iJam which can provide funds up to $50,000 to Singapore based startups are very helpful to any startups to kick start their initial plans.

Then I grabbed the opportunity and asked him: “What if I have a friend who is non Singaporean and his team also do not consist any Singaporeans, if he is interested in securing funds from the Enterprise, can he do that?”

“We will say Sorry to them and ask them to go home.”

It occurred to me that Singaporeans are very very lucky. The Singapore government is very supportive and keep rolling out entrepreneurial supports. After all, Singapore with its lack of nature resources and hinterland, human talent is the only resource that Singapore can tap on to survive until now. No wonder Singaporeans are the second coolest nationality in the world.


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