1st 2 posts live on e27

My first 2 posts with e27 are live!

First iOS application review: Does Due App serves its Due?

Having a lot of tasks on hand? Need a handy reminder app that makes it real easy to keep track of all your errands? Dueapp might just have the answer to your need.

– Excerpt from the post

First event coverage: Social media is no silver bullet and more at August Founders Drinks.

The last day of August marked the long waited relaunch of Founders Drinks, which saw a strong attendance of over 100 people. While some turned up for the beers, which Amazon Web Services (AWS) kindly sponsored, most came with the spirit of engaging with other founders and entrepreneurs which made the event a successful one.

– Excerpt from the post

Do check them out at e27 and feel free to critique! =)


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