Founder’s Drinks

Spent my day at Founder’s Drinks with e27 and it was AWESOME.

Met a lot of awesome people there and one thing in common, everyone is working on some project. The event was honored by guests like Daniel from Youngupstarts, and also the manager from Founder’s institute, amongst many many other prominent people in the startup scene in Singapore.

In the 2 hours event which was hosted at Amazon’s office, 2 startups Qlubbr and Gastro Couture shared what was their problem when integrating social media into their startup phase of the company and had the panels discussed about the role of social media nowadays, as the main topic of the night. One of my key takeaway is that to gain more traction in social media as well as gaining loyalty, you should focus more on real content instead of viral contents.

Will be writing more on this when i do the event coverage for e27, which will be published on the e27 site in a few days. =)

Really thankful for Joash who roped me into e27 and also for NUS NOC for providing me the opportunity to connect with the community here after graduating from the programme. Most of the people that I met over at the event just now are working on some projects and there are a few promising ones. There’s even a group of people who are at J2 (Junior College Level 2/Pre U) and they are working on their startup and is talking to DBS as a potential client. This is really, really amazing stuff.

Was just sharing with 2 Malaysians from KL who are working on a startup in Singapore just know about the culture here. The thing about Malaysians and Singaporean startup scene is that, the community here in Singapore is more matured in the sense that they are more willing to open up and share with others about their ideas and they welcome feedbacks, as well as criticism. The Silicon Valley culture is slowly infused into the local startup scene and i think this is really awesome. We cannot find this kinda culture in Malaysia. Malaysia is still slow in their startup scene and sometimes I wonder whether I should go to Malaysia and kick start something. But although the mind is willing, the community there doesn’t support the whole idea of startup, although places like KL and Penang is catching up. Maybe one day. =)



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