Redeeming Mac App Promo Code

For my attachment with e27 as a freelance, I am covering reviews of iOS apps by Asian companies, as such, I would have to download the app from the developers through iTunes. For apps that are paid, I was given a promo code to download it for free =) To use a promo code to download app to iTunes (and then transfer it to iPhone), its quite simple.

Mac App Store Promo Code:

App Store promo codes let you redeem a free copy of an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac app by entering a code into iTunes, the App Store app, or the Mac App Store app. They exist so developers can provide free copies of their apps to reviewers and lucky customers. Each promo code is unique and can only be used once. This is what they typically look like:RWAPJ7XLTHN7 (yes, that’s a real code and yes, it’s been used).

Redeeming Promo Code:

Redeeming iOS App Store and Mac App Store promo codes is easy. Simply click the Redeemlink that can be found on the right hand side of the iTunes Store home page in iTunes on your computer, tap the redeem button at the bottom of the featured tab, or use this direct link:iTunes Store Redeem. Please note that Mac apps need to be redeemed from the Mac App Store app itself.

Once you’re on the Redeem page, paste the promo code into the field provided and clickRedeem. You may have to enter your password. Your free app should start to download.

Adopted from bjango.

Am currently reviewing the app for dueapp. Quite an interesting app since what I always think Apple is missing is a reminder app. =) And dueapp can provide this need to those who needs a decent reminder app. However, Apple being innovative as it always have been, is rolling out its iReminder in its iOS5. Will dueapp have a plan for this? Check back again as I get an reply for the email interview from dueapp. =)

Some shots from their website:

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