Garag3 by e27

One of the many brilliant ideas that the NOC students brought back from their overseas exposure would be the Garag3. The Garag3 aims to provide the necessary mentorship and incubation space for the initial stage of any startups and on top of that, it holds a lot of events at the Garag3 which help brings the various startups together, promoting the concept of idea sharing.

Many successful startups are incubated at the Garag3. Personally I think the Garag3 is quite a success because of this reason. Having visited the Garag3 myself and met with the management team (e27), the facilities there that are provided (soft services such as internet, printing etc) and also the platform for you to interact with other founders and get mentorship from the e27 team are just about the best “free lunch” you can get as a startup founder.

Of course, there’s a catch. Office spaces provided by the Garag3 (for free) is on a renewal basis (3 months renewal).

Currently the Garag3 are looking for more projects by NUS students and especially those from the NOC program. If you are looking for mentorship and office space, drop me a message and I can link you up with the e27 team.

Have an idea? Not sure if it’s the idea that will make you a successful entrepreneur? Have you turned your idea into product? Need a space to spin off your company? Ready to take up the challenge? Garag3 welcomes you with open arms. Have you visited us? Mark your calendar now and make an appointment with us. We are ready to embark on the journey with you, with your idea, to turn it into a great product. Drop by Garag3 any time, to meet us or fellow entrepreneurs who have been 0n the journey. Exchange your stories and be inspired by them.

You have an idea or product but no space to do your cool stuff? We have the space. The environment we have will motivate you even more to succeed in your business. Work with fellow aspiring entrepreneurs and interact with the mentors we have in line for you. What you need to do get involved is to just sign up with Garag3 and you will have access to legal advise, free coffee and wifi along with the space. Basically, we have everything else for you to get started. We just need YOU and your TEAM.

You team, together with Garag3, will pitch for the iJam/YES grant support of $50,000 – $55,000 to pursue your idea along with mentorship and other incubation services to help you develop your idea into a business. We will be your support. We have cultivated the entrepreneurs spirit in many startups and hope that you too will be cultivated  from the moment you join us at Garag3.


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