1st Founding team meeting

Today was a good day!

Had our first meeting with my founding team over coffee at Vivocity and we were discussing our plans for the interface of our projects. Basically I told my developers what I hope to see in the Alpha so that I can start pitching to people and that they can discuss and work on the architecture together. Things are moving pretty quickly and good to see that things are getting started. =)

Basically our roles are charted out:

  • Liase with NUS Entreprise for funding, office spaces, get contacts, patent the idea
  • Handle all pitching to target group when the site is done.
    • Students
    • Entrepreneurs
  • Getting “VIPs” to hop onboard
  • Think of ways to monetize the project
  • Marketing efforts
  • Oversees projects
  • Get media coverage


  • Web interface
  • In charge of making interface user friendly
  • SEO


  • Backend architecture and codings
The site will be on alpha launch in 2 weeks time! =)
A lot of things I myself are not so sure about, for example, company registration, funding sources, and other administrative stuff as this is the first project that me and my team are working on. Will share more about the site when the alpha is up! =)

Anything to say to me?

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