Kick Start!

Hello World!

Finally registered myself a domain name. Wanted to register but it has already been taken by someone else.

What have I been up to: Singapore has been great so far after my one year stint in Shanghai on the NOC programme with NUS. Been busy meeting up with friends, talking and knowing new and awesome people, learning new stuffs and things like that. Of course, I also attended my grandma’s funeral back in Malaysia.

N – House: When I came back to NUS back to Kent Ridge Hall where I stay on campus, I was invited to stay at the new NOC block at PGP. Its called N – House (N or En for Entrepreneurs/NOC). As the name suggests, the block is for all the NOC returnees and also the iLead students. The block encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship and brings together like minded people at one place to promote idea exchanges and execution. Its modeled upon one of the residences of a prestigious university in the States (but I don remember whats the name). Met quite some outstanding individuals there and am highly motivated by them.

E27: is a site covering web innovation in Asia, as their tagline suggests. They have successfully hosted various prestigious events in the tech arena such as the recently concluded Echelon 2011 and they are organizing a few note worthy and promising events such as the Founders Drinks series, Social Media World Forum Asia, and also a Mentorship Program with Vinnie Lauria. Personally, I have always been following e27 and has always wanted to join the team. The opportunity presented itself to me when the community manager Joash Wee asked if I am interested to come onboard and help them write some articles. Back in Shanghai, I have also been asking around for people to team up with me and start a “Techcrunch-Shanghai” with a “crunchbase” for the NOC alumni and without hesitation, I agreed to join e27. Not only does that open up a wide array of opportunities for me to meet with entrepreneurs and awesome people out there but it also allows me to make a visit to their office at the NUS Enterprise Incubator and meet the founders based there. The meetup with Joash was a good day.

What am I currently working on: Currently I am working on a project with 2 friends which I met up with during last weekend and I got them onboard with me to work on this awesome idea. Basically it is a platform for connecting people as well as encouraging networking among students. I am super excited about the project and hopefully this will work out. My founding team consists of me who is in charge of the business side of the project and my 2 other friends are in charge of the technical side of the project. Check back again for more info on the project. I am also talking to a few other people on other ideas that I have in mind. =) This site will be use to pen down my thoughts and the progress of the project that I am currently working on.


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